Wednesday 8th February 2012

  Guy: But women only want equality when it suits them. If you really want equality then you can’t be allowed to get off a boat that’s sinking first.

  Me: Even though I don’t think that’s the main place of sexism in society, or something that all women are asking for I think that the people who get priority should be those who have the least chance of surviving if they have to wait on the boat. Not based on gender.

  Guy: It’s only right to let girls off first though anyway.

 Wednesday 8th Feb 2012

  Someone at the bar couldn’t finish their shot of sambucca and was called a ‘vagina’ because of this. I picked the guy up on using a word that relates to women as a derogatory term to which he told me that it was okay because he was liberal and would also tell a a strong woman that she had balls.

Friday 3rd February 2012

 I’m rolling a cigarette in the beer garden.

Old Man: I love to see a woman who can roll a cigarette, it’s rare.

Me: Yeah, women obviously just aren’t born with the right hands.

Wednesday 11th January 2012

   Some makes an ‘ironic’ sexist comment so I jovially mention I run a feminist group to which a separate women replies she doesn’t like feminists. I ask why and she explains that she likes some of the gender stereotypes set up by society. I explain that wanting equality for women doesn’t have to negate that. She mentions she does a brick laying course and faces sexism in the environment and decides she might actually like feminism.

Friday 30th December 2011

 A girl comes up to me and asks if there is a chance that the other girl working is Bisexual and/or Gay. I tell her that I don’t know because I try and be post gender in relation to sexuality and therefore I don’t have those set stereotypes in my head to place on other people. She replies telling me she totally agrees, ‘but seriously, is she gay?’.

Friday something December 2011

   A guy cuts into a conversation between me and a friend, we continue our conversation. We’re told we have no craic, we reply sarcastically. The guy proceeds to explain to us that women don’t have the ability to be sarcastic.

Three days a week I work in a bar. I'm going to use this space to write down some of the many sexist/racist/homophobic/stupid things I hear whilst at work.

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